George Scott, Scott Home Inspection


Phone Number:303-373-2424

Company/Organization:Scott Home Inspection, LLC


Profile:Home Energy Audits, HERS Ratings, Blower Door Tests, and More…As home inspectors, we are actively in-tune with modern energy requirements. Because of this, we created Scott Energy Services group. A division of Scott Home Inspection dedicated to helping homeowners and builders meet their energy requirements.The builder and contractor community is under pressure from the ever changing energy codes (IECC) to build houses more energy efficient, and meet specific standards. Most of these energy standards require addition plan preparation (i.e. RESchecks and HERS Ratings) and on-site testing (Blower Door and Duct Leakage testing.)With our home inspection experience, we can help expedite the process of meeting your energy needs by providing all the needed energy services, plus high-quality customer services and technical expertise.

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