Energy Smart Updates - February 2019


Imagine harnessing solar energy to power 100% or more of what you use at home and never having to pay an electric bill again! EnergySmart's IQ Solar Grant can help you get there. Take advantage of this opportunity and join Boulder County in its commitment to invest in clean, renewable energy. Solar will allow you and your household to be more energy independent and resilient to increasing energy costs.

If you own your home and earn less than $60,880 for a household of one, $69,520 for a household of two, or $86,880 for a household of four, you may be eligible to receive $1/watt up to $3,000 in solar grant funds.

Boulder County works to make sustainability accessible to ALL which is why Boulder County is offering increased solar grant opportunities to income-qualified homeowners throughout Boulder County. Learn more about the 2019 EnergySmart IQ Solar Grant, income qualification limits, and application process for this limited-time incentive by going to EnergySmartYES website or by calling 303.544.1000. 

 2019 EnergySmart Rebates are available!

We are happy to let you know that Boulder County continues to offer rebates for many energy efficiency improvements, including heating upgrades. Combined with enhanced rebates currently available through Xcel Energy, there's never been a better time than now for many homeowners to consider new heating equipment or insulation and air sealing improvements. Talk to your Energy Advisor today about the best options for your home. Remember, these rebates are first-come, first-served until all funding has been expended. The list of eligible measures and rebate conditions is attached to this email for your reference. Please consult with your EnergySmart Advisor first, before planning any projects, to ensure it meets eligibility requirements.

EnergySmart's Virtual Advisor available online 24/7

Use this new online tool to learn, budget, and plan your energy efficiency upgrades on your schedule. Learn more about and explore topics related to:

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Kath D'Souza